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Peak Pilates® in Canada!

Wow!!! Just back from Can Fit Pro where MDA and Peak Pilates got major face time! We had a sold out Peak Pilates Basic Mat and the teachers that came were so excited by the flow. They were great and everyone came through with flying colors! We look forward to those 40 new teachers spreading the classical work! Some of their comments were -- Didn't know Pilates could be so much fun"-- "Wow that was like dancing on the mat"- "my body feels so great. I can't wait to help other people feel this way!"- "what a great course, when is intermediate mat?".  This was such a great start to the event.


The convention was exciting with lots of variety on offer from Madd Dogg. We teamed up and had a blast doing circuit classes where attendees whirled through station after station exploring new ways of working with small excited and getting exciting new ideas to take home. It was great sharing time with Abbie, Stacey, Kathryn, and Nadine and catching the enthusiasm and energy that comes from group teaching.


My favorite workshop to lead there was the last- Pilates for Cyclists. After a long convention we had so many tight and sore bodies! It was awesome for them to get a chance to see how wonderful Pilates movement is to heal! And we didn't stop there as we dove right in and discovered how it could improve biomechanics, aerodynamics, stamina, and improve performance. It was a great time and we look forward to taking it to the next level in Canada! 




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