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Organized creativity!

When my friend Chris teaches his Spinning class, he always has a profile prepared along with his playlist. I find that incredibly admirable in that it shows organization and foresight?whereas I tend to go off the cuff based on what songs are on my playlist and what each ?feels? like (you know, some songs just FEEL like hills right?). Anyhow, what he does is put together a profile beforehand, and then uses a marker on the windows (our Spinning room has one wall lined with all windows) to draw out the profile?where the hills are in the ride, when jumps will occur, where flat road sprints will hit you. Additionally, during jumps he?ll often ask for class participation, going around the room with each person counting out X number of jumps. What I like about his classes is that there is a plan?no surprises along the way so you can prep yourself in terms of what?s coming up. I also like his having folks count out jumps with him because in this way, he makes himself learn the names of the students in the class (since he has to call on people to count out jumps) and I need to look for creative ways to help me engage and learn names, as I have mentioned before! Anyone else have?or seen?other creativity in their Spinning classes? -June



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