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Organize to Avoid Panic in the Kitchen!

This week my current 8WWL program group got off track but oh, was it a good discussion ? and very creative! One member said she is doing great with the exercise and with her healthy habits up until she returns home from work. We shared all the usual good ideas about not letting yourself get too hungry, etc. when out popped a suggestion that we ran with. This participant is a very busy professional who advises her clients on everything financial from daily money management to investment. We had already discussed the parallel between weight loss and running a business ? income, expenditure, insurance, etc. But it just wasn?t working for her when she walked in the door at night. She lives alone. She would walk into her kitchen, open the refrigerator door, and PANIC. Surrounded by chaotic choices she would reach for, and subsequently consume, an inappropriate and unsatisfactory amount of foods. I had recommended the book Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink (If you haven?t checked it out ? do so.)and had even bought an extra copy to share with the class. Earlier a participant said she had enhanced her enjoyment of meeting the water requirement by buying some large, heavy, fun-to handle and brightly colored water goblets from which to drink. Remembering that, I thought of the visual component and suggested that we consider first the refrigerator and find a way to organize it and make it more attractive. After all, this was a business woman who helped others to organize down to the penny. No wonder she felt helpless when surrounded by bedlam. First of all, she needed to return to the grocery list. As I had said, healthy eating habits begin in the grocery store. Because she lives alone, there are NO EXCUSES! So, first she needed to throw out inappropriate foods aging in her refrigerator. (I know. Say what you will about waste, but we have health at stake here.) She is admittedly obsessive about the cleanliness of her refrigerator so she could go directly to the next step. Either purchase or use what is at hand ? place colorful cloth placemats on each shelf and in the vegetable drawers. (Clean up is a snap ? toss them in the laundry!) Finally, replace the healthy foods in the refrigerator in an appealing and organized fashion. On to her pantry ? lucky woman has a good pantry. Out with the foods that are inappropriate for her to eat (good time to donate to the food bank) and on with some fresh paint ? maybe even color code the shelves or at least paint the back wall to show off the excellent foods in her pantry. Anyway, you get the idea. With a group of smart, creative participants all seeking to find workable ways to reach the same goals, new concepts get a thorough vetting. Perhaps you are a participant or even a leader of the 8WWL program. You have only 8 weeks to begin the process of living healthfully ? by choice ? long-term. Resourcefulness must be alive and well! Blog posted by Linda Freeman for www.spinning.com 2-5-2011.



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