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On-Site Workshops

I'm happy that MDA offers a variety of ways for instructors to earn their STAR points. Each of them have distinct advantages over the others but the method I recommend is the on-site workshop. I just taught the Profile Designs training in Venice this past weekend and it really renewed my understanding of why it is the best way to learn. When you attend an on-site event you have the duel advantage of listening to other instructor's concerns as well as hearing some answers they've found for themselves after trying various strategies. The best learning environment is the one where you are an active participant. Where both the body and the mind are required to remain engaged. Not only do you get to listen to tips from highly experienced instructors, you get to participate in a lengthy ride which helps cement your understanding of the information and techniques being discussed that day. It is a time commitment, I understand that. But if you have an opportunity to share both your concerns and your successes with others, please try to attend an on-site event at least once during your renewal period.




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