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A good instructor is a passionate leader. Great leaders are not only passionate, they are organized. For group exercise, it means having a specific plan of action before entering the environment. The plan begins with a well constructed objective. The instructor has to be certain what specific skill/piece of information will be the primary theme of the lesson. When constructing a class objective, I encourage instructors to make sure it is both definable and understandable. In other words, they need to be able to define the theme of their ride using a symbol format. If the primary objective can't be presented through the program symbols, then it will be difficult to reinforce it throughout the session. Once the objective is stated, students have to be presented with multiple opportunities to practice it so they'll have a deeper understanding and control of it. If the goal of class is improving leg strength, the students have to be given a variety of progressive load opportunities throughout the session. In the end, they'll be better able to assess their current levels of strength, and have a deeper understanding of the positions, cadences, and resistance levels that can assist them in finding more.



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