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The students in my special pre-k room work with an OT twice a week. Her goal is to assist the children in finding a balanced emotional state so they can participate fully in the learning environment. She encourages me to do a lot of sensory strategies with the students in the early morning to increase their levels of alertness. Some of these activities may work well as pre-class activities for adult students attending a group exercise session. Before pedaling, encourage students to sit up in the saddle and press their palms together as hard as they can. After a count of five, ask them to release and try again. Hugging yourself is also a good one for adults. It can seem a little playful and silly before a class but it serves a good purpose and also brings humor into the exercise environment. Lastly, try having them clap with increasing speed or patting their thighs with an increased pace. Both of these are good for creating a heightened state of alertness in each individual.



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