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New Year's Ride is Over

Chaos. That's the best way to describe the SoCal New Year's Day Ride. If you like riding, you HAVE TO come and experience this ride with me next year. It is completely chaotic, fun, fast, nutty, friendly and a spectacle. Here's the lowdown. The ride is known simply as The New Year's ride. There is no other. It's a 100 miles. Probably almost 500+ riders, maybe more. A massive sea of color. It starts in Seal Beach, jams down PCH (Pacific Coast Hwy) through all the beach towns. A bathroom break in Dana Point (and recovery for those who took December too light). Then it's inland through Saddleback College and to Mission Viejo, Irvine and all the way back to PCH. The route is the same every year with a few tweaks. You can come out and see pro cyclists mixed in with weekend warriors who may have heard about the ride (they don't last long). We basically close down PCH (which is unheard of) for about 20-25 miles). We often have a police escort like we did this morning. By the time we hit Corona del Mar (about 25 miles in) we were flying at about 30+ mph. A few local pro's were drilling it at the front. By the time we got through Laguna Beach we were down to only about 150 riders. Lots of guys got popped, a few crashed out (always happens) and others just found out their legs were not ready for the rolling climbs (at 24 mph). I got to say Happy New Year to a lot of teammates, guys I race against and also just enjoy the mass of wheels flying down PCH. I sat in the top 30 riders the whole time. My legs are tired for sure. But I gotta tell you, this is the best way to start 2011. I ended 2010 with a long SPINNING class and started 2011 with a long ride. All is good in the world.



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