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My favorite playlist...this week

I wanted to share my favorite playlist this week. These songs are in the order I fed them into my Mac's garage band and because I cross-fade them they end up a little shorter than their full version. I know time is probably not what you have a ton of, but if you happen to find yourself wanting to do a little shopping on iTunes, I love love love how this playlist came out!, and offer you the opportunity to join me on one of my rides....I've attached the pdf (I think) that I print out for the ride. I pencil in my notes after printing for coaching and movement so that I can change things up on the same playlist in the future. Dream Star *Bond Love Queen Omega *Zuco 103 SOS (Sound Of Music) *Trinity FM Hip Hip Chin Chin *Club de Belugas Sweet Emotion *Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon Afroleft *Leftfield (A Final Hit) Ain?t It Funny *Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) All I want *Jehro (Hotel Costes, Vol 9) Back To the Woods *Frogacult (Something for Sundays) Stranglehold *Ted Nugent Ready, Set, Go *Oakenfold (Bunkka) Have fun and dare to be different!



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