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My Butt Hurts

Well, not really anymore, but when I took my first Spinning class my butt really hurt. And when I took a year off, and then went back to a Spinning class, my butt really hurt. Then a magical thing happened about two classes later ? it just didn?t hurt anymore. There?s a little something to say about technique, more pressure on the feet, less pressure on the seat. There?s a little something to say about the padded cycling shorts. But really, you just need to get used to it! So what do you say to that brand new student to convince them that it does get better? I?ve seen so many people start up with a Spinning class, only to abandon it 45 minutes later, because they ?didn?t like the seat? and their butt hurt. People ? this is a terrible way to lose a client. I try to mention the ?seat thing? in classes where I have new students. There is a fine line between scaring people even more vs. giving them a little information. I believe as long as I give my students realistic expectations, I?m enthusiastic about my own riding, and I let them know it?s something EVERYONE must overcome, I can make them comfortable about attending a second ride. What do you do?



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