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Music, part 2: The path

If you haven't contacted me yet about getting the playlist to listen to for the next blog where we'll look at one approach to the anatomy of a playlist, do.  My email address is

Attached here is an 'infogram' on how I go through the decision making process for making a new playlist.

I now use a mac - I started with a PC though and used mixmaster in the beginning, but I've lost those if you want to kick in technical help with using that program by all means....this is an open discussion.   


There are many ways to get to the playlist you feel is best for a profile you want to lead and i know plenty of instructors who do this a little more feeling-based.  "I like this song...I like that song..."  I am a little bit more methodical though in ordering and blending my music.  I suspect that people who just put in their favorite songs (or requested songs from their clients) also have a method but may not be able to explain it.

How do you put together a playlist?




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