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Loving Your Body Type

I remember having a heck of a time accepting myself when I was in my 20's. I wanted to be tall and thin with long toned legs like my best friend, but my genetics gave me a 5'2'' body in a combination mesomorph, endomorph frame. Getting involved in the fitness industry at age 17 was an emotional roller coaster because the majority of instructors had dance backgrounds and bodies to match...5'10, 120lbs. It was torture, but the years rolled by and now 30 years later I have a different outlook.

I understand and appreciate the strengths of my body type, such as having strong bones and joints so I have never suffered a stress fracture from teaching 20+ classes a week. I appreciate my endurance and strong immune system because I have been able to travel all over the world teaching seminars and changing time zones without getting ill or becoming exhausted.

If you are struggling to accept your body type read on for some helpful information. There are three main body types and each one has unique qualities.

The Ectomorph has a short torso, but long limbs, trouble gaining weight, a small chest and is excellent at endurance cycling, swimming and running.

The Mesomorph is the all around athlete, easily puts muscle on, but just as easily gains weight if underactive. Mesomorphs have a large chest and V-shaped body. They make good sprinters, gymnasts and wrestlers.

The Endomorph is a softer, more rounded shape, but generally very strong. They put weight on in the abdomen and buttocks and also make good sprinters as well as power athletes.

Once you have identified your body type, it makes it easier to eat and train to be the best you can be. What works for your best friend will not necessarily work for you. The more you understand your unique abilities, you can design the appropriate program to follow as well as take pride in your talents.




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