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Longer Songs

I enjoy working with longer pieces of music. When a song goes over seven or eight minutes, I consider it to be long. Although it took me a long time to develop the confidence to use selections beyond three to five minutes, I now see the numerous advantages to them. 1: They?re great for extended split-symbols. I can take several movements and blend them consistently with variations to both time and cadence ranges. 2: They allow for extended vocabulary use. Beyond the manual guidelines, there are so many good words and brief statements that can assist students in breathing properly, improving their form, and clearing their minds of clutter. 3: Long songs allow the environment to stay stable a little while longer. Music is such an important part of the entire experience in a classroom. Sometimes it can change so often that the room (and the participants) can become chaotic. Longer songs provide a consistent surrounding for those who inhabit the space.



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