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During your orientation you were taught that there is a difference between a training session and a workout. A training session has purpose and is planned whereas a workout is just a session to sweat it out. When you develop a training session, the purpose of the session is to turn a weakness into a strength and further developing existing strengths. Your purpose can be as simple as developing a good pedal stroke to more complex interval training to build anaerobic fitness. If you don?t know how to do either, then it is time you do some research. I?m not talking about a Wikipedia search, but an honest search of peer reviewed journals or books written by cycling experts. You need to know the proper training principles behind what you are teaching. Design your classes with a purpose. Use sound training principles to allow your students to progress along their fitness journey. Know why you are using a method to train your students and the physiological benefits of that method. Remember, your students look to you as the expert. blog by Ralph Mlady for



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