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You never may think you know, but you may not. I'm talking about how fit you really are. Should you start racing now or wait until you are more fit? I get this question from racers a lot. Answer- Go Race! Thats how you find out! The longer you wait, the less fit you may find out that you actually are, does that make sense? If you have been training, you should be racing now. Not in May. You will lose speed. Part of the reason you race is to train. You can race your way into good form. Lots of top pro's do this. Have you noticed? You'll see big Tour names sucking air as pack fodder in some of the classics. They are happy with a 47th place finish. They have to get into race simulatioon to get ready to really race hard later. I am always amazed at how many riders say they are prepping for a race three months from now so they are only racing 1 or 2 times before that. Big mistake. So what should you do? Use some low priority races as training races. If you feel good, go hard, find out if you can hang or stay in a break. Attack, get some intervals in. You need to ride super fas to be very fast. There is no substitute for race pace. I like to get in about 15-18 solid racing efforts before I decide to really go for a win. Its part of your training plan. Another thing I like to do is race to get some speed work in (just ride mid-pack and kind of surf your way through the race). Then, ride home as part of your traiing effort. It may be just a 45-minute crit and a 25 minute ride home but its a good combination. You don't need to ride long to get fast. You need to race to get fast. Keep lifting, working out and prepping for that A-priority race. Train through some races, you may just find you are more fit than you think. And if you struggle a bit, no worries. You got time to figure that out!



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