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Just taking a little break for summer?

Because I teach at a college gym, our fitness class schedules change every semester and when the summer hits. When I was initially offered my Spinning class during a Thursday evening timeslot, I realized that with it being summer and possible long weekends I would potentially need to find a lot of subs to cover my classes. Thinking about this, then, I thought it wouldn?t be fair to have my name on the schedule and thus decided that I?d not teach Spinning during the summer session. So, this summer I will be taking a break from regularly teaching Spinning, although given how much I sub for my fellow instructors, I figure I?ll pick up some classes on and off anyhow. It will be a bit weird?.I began teaching Spinning over eight and a half years ago, and have never taken a break from teaching it regularly. I think it will be good for me though?I?ll certainly miss teaching it regularly, but, it will offer me more of my OWN time, which will give me the chance to take more classes and see the other Spinning instructor styles out there. So although there?s a tiny sense of loss in not being on a regular schedule, I am going to look at this time as one for me to further fine tune my own teaching style! -June



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