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Jumps at WSSC

I?ll once again be giving a workshop on jumping at WSSC this year. I have presented this a few times and as it evolves, I try to include more and more practical strategies for the instructors who are trying to break away from the 2 count, 4 count, 8 count (and ever-popular half-count) training environments. Believe me, I know it?s tough. I conduct orientations almost every weekend and it?s rare to have a participant say that they?ve done jumps in class without this methodology being applied. When orientation students begin teaching, they?re often faced with the challenge of having to manage (and correct) this instructional approach that has been established by other members of their staffs. The workshop will offer some in-class activities and strategies for improving overall form, challenging riders appropriately, and breaking down the skill essentials of jumps. We?ll be working with both jump options from the instructor manual: Jumps on Flat as well as Jumps on a Hill.



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