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It's been a month and reflecting back has got me inspired!

I can't believe a full month has gone by already since I started my journey on the Spinning 8WWL Program. This seems like the ideal time to reflect back on the hurdles I have been able to overcome and life style changes I've made and will keep. Ironically, I was recently preparing a speech that covered much of the same. One of the most fulfilling aspects of winning The Biggest Loser is the opportunity to speak. Motivating others and hearing that I've been an inspiration, makes paying it forward a welcomed duty. As the Keynote speaker my talk lasted an hour and the preparation for it required quite a bit of reflection. Much of my discussion focused on how my weight climbed so high beginning with bad childhood habits and my endless attempts to lose the weight (yo-yo dieting). And when I reflected on the positive changes that I've implemented in my life and stayed with, Spinning came up time and time again. I discussed finding exercise that you actually like and offered Spinning as my personal choice. I emphasized that we should rearrange our thinking; that exercise is not a punishment it is a reward and my gift to my body is Spinning. I talked about my exercise releasing Endorphins, giving me energy, and reducing my stress. it occurred to me I'm so thankful that a good friend introduced me to Spinning and how important it is for me to make that same introduction to my acquaintances. The Symposium presentation was just this morning and the Q & A session that followed brought forth reflections that hadn't occurred to me during the actual presentation. An audience member asked me about my health before and after weight loss. At my peek of morbid obesity I weighed over 400 lbs and my prognosis was indeed morbid. I was diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure), high cholesterol , Type 2 Diabetes, and Sleep Apnea. When I stopped consuming fatty foods and began to follow a routine exercise program my body responded magnificently. As a man that had to lose nearly 200 lbs it seemed miraculous that these changes towards positive health began after losing just 50lbs. My BP and Cholesterol normalized, my blood sugar dropped, and I no longer needed an apparatus to breath normally during sleep. When I informed the audience member of this occurrence she seemed extremely pleased. Later after I stepped down from the podium she made her way over to me for a private discussion. She informed me that she currently suffers from all of these same ailments. She went on further to inform me that in the past she had attended Spinning classes and has not taken a class in years. I was so pleased to hear that because she attended this presentation she is inspired to return to Spinning because as she said I like you Erik, love it! I informed her that her inspiration had the exact same effect on me. At that moment it occurred to me it is so rewarding to motivate someone to increase their energy and self esteem but to remind someone that they can save their own life is the ultimate inspiration.



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