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On Monday I was riding my road bike home from teaching a Spinning® class. i went at a quick clip through the green light I had when i was t-boned by a motorcycle, obviously speeding through a red.. I never saw him coming. I only saw his headlight on impact which I am guessing took his front wheel into my front wheel.  After that I don't remember flipping or hitting the ground. I do remember thinking that I should brace myself for being hit by on coming traffic. 


A random man jumped in to help because I don't speak the local language.  He took my phone and called my husband who took me to the hospital.


I am flying to Bangkok tomorrow to deal with my dislocated shoulder.  


I guess there is never a good time to get injured but there is always time to express gratitude as it could have been much much worse.  My bruised skull matches mt crushed helmet.


Lesson? Helmet. Helmet. Helmet. I might even start requiring them in spin class!!!


I am signing off to go heal...In two short weeks I go from podium finish to crumpled on the pavement...but the highs and lows of an active life beat the flat line of sedentary living. 


all the best to you all...stay safe!




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