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One word about World IDEA--AMAZING!!! This was my first time presenting at this conference and it was not only fun but incredibly inspiring. IDEA offers presenters the opportunity to give out Inspiration Medals during their workshops to recognize individuals who ''stand out''. This was such a rewarding experience! However, it was also the most difficult part of the weekend for me because every person in my room shined and it was hard to pick just one or two. There was Nancy who has been in the fitness industry for thirty years and has 38 certifications (because in her words she ''wants to keep growing''), Joseph a fitness enthusiast who carried around the medal he won last year (and hoped to get one this year) because it meant a lot to him, Francisco who arrived to my 7am session at 6:20 in the morning ready to go, Jeanette who ran over small children and animals (kidding) to get to one session and made it just in time for the warm-up on the bike (with a smile on her face that lit up the room) and the list goes on. I honestly started to look for things that I could give away because the participants were just that awesome. They were egoless, humble, enthusiastic, encouraging, hungry to learn and grow. I'm truly honored to have been part of such a great weekend and hope I can share in all of it again next year.




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