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Hurry up and get fit!

Dude. You don't get fit in one week. Heck, you don't get fit in one month. Especially this time of year when its almost time to pin a number on. Too many riders are realizing that it is actually January! That means for a lot of us (especially in SoCal!) that its time to look at the race calendar and start plotting your travels. I am looking at a stage race in Feb. (that's gonna hurt) and a few Pro 1-2 crits coming up. Gotta get that high-end work. But hold up. If you don't feel like you could go out right now and at least sit in a fast crit or survive for 3-4 hours in a road race then be smart and chart! Chart a training plan first, then compete later. Its almost the same if you plan on doing century rides. Don't decide a week out to knock out 100 miles when the most you have done is 9 rides in the last month (unless you have been a weight lifting animal, more on that in a second). Don't expect to fly off the front if you are only doing 3-4 hours a week or less than 100 miles a week (unless you have been weight training, more on that again). You should have had sufficient days of high intensity training. You should have already done several rides that will match your road race/century distance. And they should have felt okay. If you have been short on training, then what's the alternative? Well, mix in 4-5 hard and heavy weight training sessions. Deadlift, box squat etc. O-lifts. Yeah, it's gonna suck for a few weeks on the bike. You may be sore and fatigued on the bike. But it will pay off. I just PR'd on my deadlift this morning. And I did some heavy squat yesterday. Will my group ride hurt tomorrow? Uh, yep. Is it cool? Absolutely. I don't plan on winning in Feb. or March. My chart says April through July. State championships, etc. So if everyone else seems to be ahead of you, let them! Look out to the future. You will catch up. But you will never catch up if you try to cram it in now. Be smart boys and girls. Cycling is very mental. You gotta be wise.



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