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Hard Rock Music

I?m a huge fan of hard rock. I?m always working out to Metallica, Black Label Society, Godsmack, Alter Bridge, etc. When I?m training by myself, this type of music really energizes me. When I conduct workshops each weekend, there are usually one or two people that want to discuss the use of hard rock during classes. They too, appreciate the energy and intensity of it. They hope others will feel the same. The subject of music is a very subjective one. Outside of improper language in the lyrics, I can?t really say a choice is wrong. If an instructor feels that a particular piece of music best communicates their intentions for: rhythm, cadence, cardiovascular output, and terrain, then they?ve made an appropriate choice. One factor that could be open for discussion is the social and/or interpersonal connection an instructor is trying to establish in their training environment. Music selection can pull members of a classroom together or greatly separate them. Music (in some way) has to appeal to the participant?s sense of inclusion. In other words, they have to feel that they are in the proper place. The decision they made (at some point) to attend a particular class is often reinforced or proven incorrect by the emotional connection (they feel) to the music that is being played. Again it?s highly subjective and clearly varies from person to person, but it is something to think about. In conclusion, I really love the new BLS album Order of the Black.



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