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Got milk?

I have often heard about the relationship between drinking milk and weight loss. Now, while I am not sure of the validity of the scientific ?proof??I always have to ask questions about confounding variables?I thought I would try to find out some information about the link between drinking milk and muscle gain. Mind you, I am not a milk drinker and odds are I won?t become one (I just don?t like the IDEA of where milk comes from and also don?t eat meat for ethical reasons). One article I found cited a research study where men ages 18-30 were placed in separate groups?one who drank skim milk post workout, one that drank a soy beverage, and the last which drank a carbohydrate beverage. Statistically significant results pointed to the milk drinkers having lost more fat and gained greater muscle mass than the other two groups. I have heard about the benefits of milk drinking but it still confuses me from an evolutionary standpoint. Humans are not meant to drink cow?s milk?evolutionarily speaking, if you were to read John Robbin?s Food Revolution, humans are not built to eat meat and drink milk?so how is it that milk becomes something that aids in human health? I remain confused by this dissonance in evolution?not really sure where I might be going with this, but just wanted to share findings which seem to point to scientific validity, but which seems to run counter to basic evolutionary principles. -June



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