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Going Back To Cali

This hurts so good! Two big tours going on, the Giro and Tour de California. Man. Its like cycling Christmas for a few weeks. But it is stressful, huh? Gotta record, replay and time your whole life around these races. I told you last week how colorful the Giro can be. Then the frickin' Tour of Cali goes off. And it was good chaos again! Stage one gets 86'd because of ice. It wasn't snow like some were saying? Those who were saying that were obviously not racers. We race in everything - except ice. Going 27mph on ice with rubber wheels is a bad combination. And did you see the lineup for the TdC? Some dude named Scnleck, Levi, George, Fabian, Dave Z., Oscar and some old dude named Horner. Yep, almost 40 years old and he decides to take the race lead by leaving Levi and Schleck! Atta boy Chris. I have raced against him way back in the day. Yep, raced against him down in San Diego in several Pro 1-2 crits. He used to ride away from us then too. They hit Paso Robles yesterday. Don't go there! The wine is good, the roads for cycling are cool, lots of flat roads and is good and its a mellow place. Now everyone is going to go there...oh well. Today is the TT in Solvang. I wish I was at the Bulldog coffee shop (go in there and you'll know why I mentioned it) sucking down an Americano watching the TT. But, tomorrow is the showdown. Mt. Baldy. Another one of my fave training grounds. I do this climb a lot. It will be fun this time because I am going to be on the mountain watching the explosion and battle for the GC. Only bad thing is that I will miss a cool Giro stage...but does it matter anyway now...Contador owns it. I know, I know. Last week I was all about the Giro. Well, I have Tour ADD. It's TdC time! This might be the biggest month in Pro Cycling racing. Seems to be like the TdF is getting less impressive....



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