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Food on The Move for Riders on the Move

The reputation of food trucks has certainly shifted in recent years. What used to be over-sized muffins, hot dogs, and street meat has been replaced with fresh juices, vegan sandwiches and locally grown produce. Trucks are roaming the country’s streets running on vegetable oil, both providing delicious, healthy food and promoting local produce and meat purveyors to customers aplenty. 

For riders that like to stay ahead of the food trends, I recommend checking out the food trucks in your area. Here in Boston, MA, there are 56 new trucks hitting the streets starting this April. Boston residents are lucky enough to have three trucks on Greatist’s list of “The 26 Healthiest Food Trucks in America,” and cities including Los Angeles, Austin, New York, and Atlanta also make the cut. Rather than planning an indulgent brunch after next weekend’s ride, why not search for the trucks in your local area, and support this tasty movement.





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