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FIGHTER PILOT at the World Spinning and Sports Conditioning Conference- PART II

Continued from last week.......


Josh talked of his passion for the F-14 and for the military. You could hear in his voice how meaningful this ride was to him and how much he loved creating it. I felt more and more anticipation to ride as the life I have known for the last decade was about to unfold in front of me on screen. Josh is truly a master at telling a story and evoking powerful feelings of connection from his riders. As we pedaled, we learned of our mission and prepared the “jet” for flight, I felt a growing sense of pride, excitement! Then the music changed, lights suddenly dropped and I looked up to see the jet taxiing to the catapult, which uses steam to fling the jet off the end of the carrier at 150mph. The music grew louder with a steady electronic thump that beat alongside our increasing heart rates. We were climbing! Climbing! Climbing! Heading toward the enemy target and the other supporting planes in the mission. Regrouping at the top of the climb, we prepared to dogfight for the next twenty minutes. Talk about exhilaration! I wondered how it felt in real life to exert forces three times heavier than our bodyweight. I wonder what it felt like to pull the trigger on a laser-guided bomb and watch it speed to its target. My mind raced through the events of my life, especially the moment when Shock and Awe was televised. That night was a turning point as my husband, who at that time was new to the fleet, encountered his first wartime experience. Those feelings fueled my ride in the Grand Ballroom that night. The ride came together beautifully, with everyone in the room cheering and energizing each other. We worked hard for 120 minutes and completed the mission. As we were cloud surfing back to the carrier, images flashed across the screen of families uniting, smiling faces and welcome home banners. Josh talked sincerely about these everyday people who have become heroes. He paused in a moment of silence as we pedaled. I felt the pride rolling down my cheeks and cheered too.  We rolled to a stop and congratulated those next to us. An inspiring kickoff ride to start the weekend – CHECK!


Each year, the Thursday Night ride instills in instructors a sense of pride for our job. We get a shot of adrenaline that lasts for many months. Riding amongst my peers makes me ask how I can evoke the same feelings in my students everyday using music, words, emotions. I have learned the importance of teaching from the heart, or a place that we have been. This is when our students connect to us! They will be inspired in the class and we’ll have done the job of connecting their minds and bodies. Spinning® is a powerful tool that I grow to love more every year when I attend WSSC. Fighter Pilot is not just a Spinning® ride - it is truly an experience!




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