Spinning® at Events

Fighter Pilot

I want to personally invite you to ride with me in my all new visually based ride called Fighter Pilot! The ride will be on the rooftop helicopter pad of the Marriott hotel in Maria Del Rey, CA for an experience that you will never forget. How cool is that!


Spinning® gives us all the opportunity to experience much more than just the amazing workout or training, and this is just the type of ride that will give you a chance to really go deep inside yourself and see what you are made of... It will also allow you to find a new understanding of how far you can take your classes if you put you mind to it.


So I challenge you to see if you have what it takes to be the best of the best? Come and test your skills on the bike in a epic ride that will inspire you to be a Top Gun! I for one can't wait! See you in LA! 


-Josh Taylor






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