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Fathers and Fitness

Father's Day is upon us and it got me thinking about how my dad's approach to physical activity influenced me. My dad did not exercise every day, but he was always very physically active doing all the chores on our 10 acre farm. He exercised about three to four days a week. My dad swam and lifted weights. He swam because he once owned a scuba shop and he missed the ocean. He lifted weights because he was vain and liked to sculpt his body. When I was in junior high and high school, my father used to take me to the pool to swim with him, though he never came and watched me play sports. When I was in college, he used to take me to the gym to lift with him because he knew I was an avid bodybuilder at that time. It's interesting to look back on those times now because I don't remember ever having conversations with him about the function of exercise in one's health. He never told me I should exercise. He used to tell me not to overeat because he couldn't stand over weight people, but he just let me pick and choose what I wanted to try for exercise and sport. He neither encouraged it or discouraged it. Though my father had few words to say about exercising, the fact that it was clearly a part of his life must have made an impact on me. I grew into an adult who must have vigorous movement on nearly a daily basis, or I am unhappy. One of the benefits of aerobic exercise is emotional well-being and somehow, my dad taught me this without ever lecturing me on it. What did your parents teach you about exercise? What are you passing on to your children? Happy Fathers Day! Written by master instructor Sabrina Fairchild on June 18, 2011



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