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You have spent hours preparing your profile and music. You have decided that you are ready to take your class on a journey that will test their ability to buffer lactate through the effective use of intervals. You know they are ready and have been preparing them for weeks. This ride will challenge the best of the riders in your class. You have promoted your class for weeks and the membership is really excited to take the challenge. You are so excited as you enter the studio and start to prepare for your class. You start the music and then someone comes up to you and says, ?Hi, I?m new. I?ve never been taken a Spinning class before. Can you help me?? What do you say to the new student that has never been in a class before and you know that most likely cannot handle the intense ride you have planned? Your response can either make the student feel completely comfortable or turn them off to your class and even the Spinning program. I have personally witnessed instructors that have handled the above situation with acceptance. I have also watched an instructor turn their back on the new student and suggested they find a beginner class before they attempt a ?real? Spinning class. New students are intimidated to take their first class. Compound this intimidation with an instructor that will exclude them from his or her class and you?ll have a member that most likely will never try to take a Spinning class again. The Spinning program was designed to allow everyone to participate regardless of their ability and experience. Unless you have scheduled a special class that has been advertised for only experienced riders, then you have to bring out your best coaching. You can still challenge your experienced riders, but you need to make adjustments to your profile so that the new students will feel they have been successful in their first class. You will need to not only adjust the intensity for the new student, but also the types of movements they can perform. Inform the new student that you have a difficult ride planned for the day, but that you will provide additional cues to help them get through the ride. Let them know that you do not expect them to ride at the same level as the more experienced riders. Coach them from the floor rather from your bike so you do not single them out over the microphone. Remember, the Spinning program was designed to be inclusive and not selective. Everyone that walks into your studio should be welcomed and give the same attention that your experienced riders are given. Think about your first time you took a Spinning class. Would you have gone back if you were told that the class will be above your ability? blog by Ralph Mlady for 1/11/11



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