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Energy & Inspiration

Energy & Inspiration

What is different between 2 instructors that have passed the same education, have the love to teach and are doing a good job? When I speak with members they say – he / she has more energy. Class is energizing,  fun,  passes quick.

There is a difference between energy and inspiration.  It is easy to lift up the energy in class. Whit higher intensity in class. You can raise volume of the music, put popular music in a profile, and raise your voice while teaching. Those with experience we know what we can use to lift up energy in class. While this is ok, I am more for inspiring our members.

There will be success  in class this is no doubt , but long term there is a risk , that when member hears about another great, energizing instructor that you will lose  this member, he is going to change the class, exercise, club. And when you as an instructor are not able to give energy – that happens and it is normal, they will not like the class anymore. Energy is easy to use, easy to measure and easy to copy. Energy excites.

On the other hand inspiration means completely different. Inspiration comes from charisma. It is hard to define, what charisma is, almost impossible to measure and to copy.  

What is charisma? The English term means “the gift of grace”

When teaching with inspiration members will follow you. They will stay with you regardless of the music you use, volume you put, intensity you use. They will be inspired by you. Those are instructors that have classes with loyal members, and they follow them when they change the club. Charisma has nothing to do with energy; it comes from why you are teaching Spinning®. The why is important? Charisma builds loyalty energy does not.

Why did you decide to become Spinning® instructor?  Is it because it is a well paid job, because you needed extra money, your boss told you that you have to do it, to use it for your personal training, to have free access to club membership, maybe to be a star in front of a group, to help people achieve goals, make difference in their life’s, help them become happier, healthier. 

Those who are charismatic and can inspire will have full classes, regardless on the club, the model and age of the bikes in room, sound system and price of classes.  Why instructors are those who believe in philosophy of Spinning®. The principles of training and are willing to share this ideas with confident to everybody. They speak honesty from the heart and that can be felt thru their words. 





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