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I have been involved in fitness industry for quite a long time. From aerobics instructor, different group ex classes, to personal trainer and Spinning® instructor. I actually started when we were using cassettes, so for those my generation you know have long ago has been that...

I love teaching classes and having great time with members. And yes education was always high priority in life. During years I had the privilege to meet great presenters, teachers, successful business managers, different profiles of people in fitness industry.

A few years ago I  had the luck to start working as MDA representative for Spinning® program organizing events  and  education for new instructors, new clubs. Becoming MI was next job title and responsibility and being part of amazing 130 Master Instructor group is a huge privilege and I am grateful for the opportunity. Passing the knowledge was my life decision, not in school as sport teacher but I ended a little different type of teaching. At the end does not matter you have to decide what you love to do and do it.

In last few years I meet a lot of instructors.  Different countries different cultures but at the end you see that we are not so different. What kind of instructor somebody will be is up to the person not about city, about country or profession that they choose.

For most new instructors the 2 day clinic or one day orientation is full of new information and really excited. They are full of enthusiasm and motivation, new decision and determinate to become the best Spinning® instructors   possible. Than days go, months go away, motivation and determination slowly disappears.

Why getting 14 Star points is so hard?  It is only 1, 5 CED per year not more. Only 2 days to keep the certification valid.  And so many times I hear instructors saying “Ohh it is too expensive” or “I do not have the time “or “sorry my boss does not want to pay for it”.

The process of certification is not only for me taking your money, or MDA earning money. Of course you have to pay some amount of money, we live in material world and money is a source of payment. You get knowledge that you pay for it.

The certification process is for you getting new information, maybe updating the old ones, getting dipper into the program, get motivation back.  After continuing education or event you go back with light in your eyes, fresh ideas and more energy that you can share with members. And we do this because of them. Do not forget we are instructors because of our members. It does not matter either you are STAR1, 2, 3 or Master Instructor. What drives this industry on are the members who spend their money in our facilities because they want to reach one of the goals. And in 20 years I meet only one instructor that teaches for free. So I do believe that our members deserve more. If we want to inspire them, if we want to attract more people to train we need more knowledge. We need to be able to teach them why sport is healthy and have to do it the right way.

So have come it is so hard to put a month of earning or less for becoming better instructor? Have come so many instructor are so qick satisfied with what they do.  

I consider myself extremely lucky person to be able to work in fitness industry and to serve people. Our goal to make life better for them is one the best. I know for sure that members appreciate and recognize instructors who educate themselves and try to be better.  They recognize instructors that bring fresh ideas, and deliver knowledge to them.

At the end we all spend money the decision for what and have much is personal. And money spend on education is the best investment in life. 
So next time when you think about   going to the event or going for continuing education think about the entire positive thinks that are connected with this decision: You will meet new people, see new countries, cities, have great food, drink a glass of Porto in Portugal, and have a spectacular view over Vienna.

You always have more positive things and the smiles on your member faces, a reached goal from them, returning them to your classes this at the end counts.

So look at  for all events and continues education and hope to see you soon.

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.Kofi Annan 





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