For All Spinning® Enthusiasts

Don't be afraid to feel free

Every one of you has his or her own special evening, morning or day on which you have your Spinning® training. Fully prepared and geared up you are off to the gym.

Once you changed into your cycling gear you are ready to ride.. Oops.. first set up your bike.

Are you sure your bike is set up ok? Do you know all the tricks to check if your bike set up is correct? Please feel free to ask your Spinning® instructor to guide you.!


Class has started, your instructor is using a lot of specific terms such as heart rate monitors, heart rate  percentages, Energy Zones™, aerobic, anaerobic. You might be wondering what this is all about. Please feel free to ask your Spinning® instructor to explain if you don’t understand. Don’t be afraid to ask, as your Spinning® instructor is there to train and coach you.


Here’s another one. While riding the bike you notice that everybody stays in a standing climb, but actually your heart rate monitor is telling you to slow it down a little. What do you do?

Please feel free to change into a seated climb. Always remember that Spinning® is not a competitive sport. You are training your body, towards your goals on your bike. The instructor guides you. You never should compare yourself to your fellow riders as you don’t know their goals nor the resistance that is on their bike. Feel free to ride your road.


Freedom to ride is a slogan that is used very often in the Spinning® program. But I think that feel free to ask questions should be added . During my 15 years of teaching Spinning® I have seen (and still see)  enthusiasts in my classes that find it hard to focus. Many times this has to do with not being able to let go of thoughts and questions about what we are doing. Am I doing this right, why can I not maintain this heart rate, why is my knee always hurting when I go into a running , why am I not losing weight, and so on.

I am so happy if my participants come to me to ask questions, because I want them to become and stay good riders that have efficient trainings.


If you don’t ask, you will probably never know and it will not get better. Don’t be afraid to feel free!






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