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Do you understand me ? 

Good communication is important to deliver information more successfully.  You may have a good knowledge if you are not able to communicate with clear, structured and captivating manner information will be lost.

The art of speaking in public is not new, this tradition can be traced down to Classic Greek (400 years BC), when every young man had to develop their public speaking skills as part of duties as citizens. The first rules of public speaking were written more than 2000 years ago, by Aristotle.

We know them as basic parts of persuasion:

-          Ethos (credibility of speaker)

-          Logos (logic behind speakers message)

-          Pathos (ability to create connection with public)

All these 3 elements still lie in the basic of any public speaking. Every speaker should possess certain level of authority and knowledge about the topic that he speaks about - ETHOS. The message must be delivered in clear and logical manner – LOGOS.  To get and hold the audience attention speaker needs to establish a connection with the public – PATHOS.

Spinning® instructors are public speakers we want to deliver knowledge, logically and with good connection to our students.  Not only to teach them about proper training but to help them achieve their goals, that drove them into our clubs. 

“The success of your speech will be judged not only by the knowledge you send, but by what listener receives “L.W

There are other means available to instructors beside words that can use to deliver message.
These are:

-          Storytelling (everybody loves to hear  story, it has almost hypnotic affect to public, so do not be afraid to use personal stories while you teach, we use stories to make facts more interesting)


-          Body language (non verbal communication with participants, body language shows real feelings , thoughts and believes and many studies show that it is more important than words, when you teach you need to think about your body poster on the bike,  body placement – do you go off the bike  or not, facial expression – if you want a good connection with students – genuine smile will help you)

-          Tone of voice (speed of speech, pitch of speech, volume) on average the appropriate speed for speech is around 145 -150 words / minute.  Is your voice monotone. Do you use different volume during teaching? Have quickly you speak?

-          Use of pause  “The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause “ Mark Twain  

Have you ever heard a participants comment “He speaks too much” Sometimes instructors are afraid of silence, so they just speak. But if you give information a task that they need to think about it or do it, they need time and silence.


-           Visual cues. We often say “Picture is worth a thousand words” and we know have important visualization in Spinning® class is. But many instructors are afraid to use it as they fear that their participants will not like it, or they will not be able to deliver  information’s but it is opposite, visualization is powerful tool as many of us learn more effectively thru visuals.

Having knowledge about Spinning and have we deliver this knowledge will establish what participants receive.  Sometimes I meet instructors with great knowledge and experience but lack of power to deliver it.  There are many books available about communication and many courses that you can attend to improve these skills. In order to be better we do need to learn better to communicate with audience, with these skills you will be more successful everywhere in life.  




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