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Delicious Diversity

Delicious Diversity

Just a few days ago I completed a Spinning® Orientation with a group of instructors in a place called Port Douglas. Those of you unfamiliar with this very exquisite part of Australia, it is situated in the upper ranges of Tropical North Queensland and just a short boat trip from the Great Barrier Reef. The land here could be likened to the lushness of the Hawaiian green mountains and the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Here however amongst the absolutely breathtaking surrounds of the Daintree Rainforest and coral reefs there are killer crocodiles, jellyfish, snakes and sharks. The perfect combination of wildlife you would want in any holiday destination….Not! J


All jokes aside, a part from the odd ‘croc’ – as we like to call them here, this is a must visit for anybody that ventures to this part of the world.  As long as you don’t swim when it’s ‘stinger season’, you will not be disappointed.


Naturally when a new studio wants to become a licensed Spinning® facility and I am requested to fly to such a place, it feels like all my Christmas’ have come at once. More often that not Orientations that I am scheduled to present are held in our main cities or country districts and definitely not beachside resort areas. Regardless of location I always love every single group, every single time but this was just that little bit more exciting for me knowing I would also get the excuse to take a few days of R&R at the end of it.


In the weeks leading up to this training I spoke frequently with the new owners. They are a lovely young local couple that had spent years travelling as scuba instructors. After a decade of travel they decided to settle down, work in fitness and start their family. As soon as I spoke to Lou and when I met her husband Simon, I knew they would immediately fit perfectly into our global family. They were super passionate, excited, hard working and simply just really lovely people with a vision and desire to share fitness and good feelings to the locals of Port Douglas.


The Orientation was small with 9 people, 8 women and 1 man and yet I couldn’t remember such a huge variety of previous life experience in a group before. There was a woman who had worked a few decades as a Skipper on a boat, did outrigging and now is running her own stand up paddleboard business. We also had a young girl who is a fisherwoman! Along with her husband has a fishing business and she is out on the boat fishing every day. They even live on the water in their houseboat. We had a female entrepreneur who is under 35 and has 8 different businesses, a former Science teacher looking for a change and a woman who was a child activist for youth rights and a spoke person when she was just 16 years old. 


The co owner with his wife of this new studio Simon, was the only man of the group. He was a great inclusion to our girly crew and has built a fabulously successful PT Business.  Sessions from his home studio plus conducting very busy running groups and boot camp session everyday on the silky sandy beaches of PD and his clients adore him. I quickly understood why. He is a man with a true desire to uplift, support and nurture people to find what they are good at. He makes them laugh but also work hard in assisting them in excelling and discovering their potential. He oozes enthusiasm and passion for his work and clearly possesses a real love for the people he trains. Both Simon and his wife are genuinely so sincere in their desire to support positive change in people’s lives you could feel it as soon as you walked in the room. Simon’s philosophy and mantra is plastered all over the wall of their studio and this group of amazingly diverse instructors were perfect to carry forth his vision.


As soon as I met this group and heard their stories I thought what an absolutely wonderful place for our Spinning® family to live!  Being a holiday destination not only do the locals get to enjoy this studio, travellers from all over the world can also get a few Spinning® sessions in during their trip. What we all want on our holidays!


In Australia we are bound by local fitness registration bodies to conduct a practical assessment of our students to receive required accreditation points to work in industry. Therefore here we run the Orientation and then the instructors return the next day to be assessed on their presentation of a portion of an Energy Zone™ ride. This is a fabulous opportunity for students to apply what they have learnt and test the waters and more importantly for us here means we can get registration and insurance to teach.


Naturally it is early days and our crew are super green with the Orientation so fresh. Nonetheless it really is such a treat to be witness to the beginning of their journey. To allow them the opportunity to have a go and be who they are and apply themselves to the Spinning® philosophy. As always, all of them did a fabulous job and the diversity between them so wonderfully large. Each of them possessed great qualities that others may not have excelled in as much but wonderful in their own right. 


This is one of the main differences to many other current programs here – we encourage diversity and expression of self. We are not scripted by anybody else or given our music. We are the creator. We do not have to be everything to everyone. We are free to be ourselves within the parameters and guidelines of the Spinning® manual. There is a structure – the hand positions, the ride positions but it allows us to shine, express, uplift and support in our own special, quirky, loud or vibrant way that comes to us naturally.


I always come away from an Orientation excited for this new group to be joining our family, I’m proud of what we have to invite them to and I’m excited for them and their wonderful experiences that await them within their rides.


After the training I also enjoyed a few days of R&R in this tropical haven and it really was perfect way to end a wonderful training.


I give thanks every single day for my involvement with the program, the people I get to meet and the joy I receive by being able to pass on the message. I often need to pinch myself and ask…really? This is what I get to do every day? WOW!!! Blessings everywhere. 





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