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Days Gone By

This year marks my 17th as a presenter for the Spinning program.

It’s not something I think about too much because I think
that once you start reflecting, you stop improving. I still have a lot of
improving to do.

This year at WSSC, I began to think a little about the early
days because I taught a portion of the Friday Night Ride (with some wonderful
instructors) and the theme was: From the Beginning.

The whole experience got me thinking about the music I used
in those days. Much like today, I tried to find grooves that captured your legs
right away. Pieces that were consistent and strong with beats that were easy to find in the mix.

Since I used to make CDs back then, I actually found some
old covers that I made for them. Just for laughs, here are some of the artists/songs
that I used “back in the day.” I’m posting this for fun only…..if you use any
of these, please don’t blame me for any student reactions.

Hold Me Tight-CFM Band

Groove Gumbo-Exodus Quartet

Bad Trip-Night Trains

Take California-Propellerheads


What You Need-INXS

Head Like a Hole-Nine Inch Nails






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