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Circle Time

Each morning in my classroom, we do what?s called a structured group circle timelesson. This is where the entire class sits on the rug (in their assigned spots) and learns about what will be taking place during the school day. We discuss: the days of the week, the current month, what adults will be in the room on that day, and the special events/holidays that are coming up. It?s always my favorite time of the day and (I think) it?s theirs too. It seems that the longer I teach preschool, the more parrallels I make as to what it takes to be a good group exercise instructor. 1: Never lecture or provide too much information at one time. Always allow the students to demonstrate their progress in a certain skill area before moving forward. 2: Catch them doing something right (especially those with challenging behaviors) and immediately reinforce it by letting them know you saw their correct actions, and you greatly appreciated them. 3: Make it fun! Watch to see what their responses are to the lesson topics. If they?re not responding positively, find a way to make the students more involved in a creative, unique (and sometimes silly) way.



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