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Check out the New Star Trac Fleet of Bikes

Wow, what incredible bikes!!! I had the privilege of riding the new Spinner® NXT and Spinner ®Blade at WSSC 2011. I can tell you both of these bikes ride better than any indoor cycle I have ever ridden. The set-up is a little different than what I was used to but I believe that we will be able to better dial in the fit for our students. The handlebar fore-aft adjustment made the cockpit feel roomy and I was able to avoid bumping my knees on the handlebars. The most exciting part of the new fleet of Spinners is what you can?t see. The drivetrain felt smooth and consistent throughout the pedal stroke. The bikes were redesigned to help eliminate any flex in the frame that caused premature drive-train wear. I was impressed at the narrower Q-factor (the distance between the pedal attachment points on the crank arm) which gave me a feeling more like my road bike than a studio cycle. The resistance changes were smooth and consistent as I pedaled from the flats to the hills. If you are considering replacing your fleet of bikes, contact Star Trac and throw your legs over the new line of bikes. I can?t wait until these are in more clubs. They are amazing and you will not be disappointed. Follow the Spinner Blade on Facebook or Twitter at the following links:!/pages/Spinner-Blade/100304200063052!/SpinnerBlade11 blog by Ralph Mlady for 06/14/2011



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