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I am sometimes at awe after a 9 hour Orientation how sometimes there is one person who just doesn't get it. After hours of discussion, and demonstration of professional and scholastically based information there is one person who still wants to pedal 140 BPM because "I have to pedal to the beat of the music," says the 20something student instructor. Give me a break. That is not Spinning® and it never has been. We don't pedal to the beat of the music, unless the song was intentionally chosen to represent a cadence of 60 or 70 RPM's as in a hill profile. That song would only be between 120-140 beats per minute and we pedal to every other beat, not to every beat as this person wanted to do. Pedaling to the beat of music generally causes riders to take most of the gear off the bike, bounce like they're in a stagecoach in the old west and have a very uneven pedal stroke. Those are all the things that make riding an indoor bike damaging to the body. Indoor cycling is supposed to be safe and non-impact. I know a lot of people who can no longer run, and have chosen indoor cycling to get a similar level of intensity because it is non-impact and they can do it all year round. I have been a school teacher since 1991 and a fitness teacher since 1983, so I know that "you can't reach them all," but it irritates me when newly trained Spinning instructors ignore the wisdom of the coaches, trainers and athletes that put this comprehensive program together with safety being top priority. After all, the people who put this program together are smart, have mounds of experience and advanced degrees in exercise and health related fields. There may be other people in the industry who want to push the limits, but they will never attain what Spinning® has attained because there is not enough respect for the individual, or for the common sense that tells us to respect safety standards. In case you have forgotten the cadence guidelines for Spinning® which were established by road cycling, they are as follows: all hills 60-80 RPM's, all flats 80-110 RPM's, sprints 60-110 RPM's. Cadence checks take 15 seconds and you only count one foot. For hills you want 15-20 revolutions and for flats you want 20-27 revolutions. Happy counting.



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