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Best Music for eSpinner Workout

The eSpinner® is a revolutionary Spinner® bike that combines a wealth of essential features with nearly 1,000,000 different ride parameters, for a unique and unparalleled ride every single time. You’ll instantly become hooked on the eSpinner®, but an awesome ride deserves an awesome soundtrack, so how do you choose the best music for your workout?

One thing is for certain. You need high energy music for your high energy workout. Now is not the time for Bach or Beethoven. Your racing heartbeat should act like a metronome for the fast-paced jams, because the right up-tempo music will keep you energized and motivated to reach your virtual finish line.

Regardless of your preferred style(s) of music, the benefits of incorporating music into your workouts are tremendous. A 2009 British study asked 12 male college students to ride stationary bicycles while listening to music that "reflected current popular workout songs taste among the undergraduate population." Each of the six selected songs differed somewhat in tempo from all of the others.

The researchers randomly slowed and sped up the tempo of the workout songs without informing the riders. When the tempos slowed, so did the riders’ heartbeat, as well as their output. When tempos increased, riders enjoyed a more rigorous workout without even realizing it. Choosing upbeat workout playlist music can add tremendously to your ride.

There is no firm rule about the kind of music that should complement your Spinning® session. Some people respond well to dance pop, while others favor hip hop workout music, hard rock workout songs or techno. You need to find the music that moves you, and that might mean enjoying a different musical style every day. The eSpinner® includes integrated iPod connectivity, so you can easily plug in and enjoy all of your best workout playlists.

If you still need ideas for music, Spinning® carries a full line of cycling music CDs, featuring a variety of different styles including jazz, techno, pop and more, from a wide array of popular artists and composers. Spinning® music CDs make the perfect addition to your workout sessions, so check out the full selection.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait for the music. Our music collection is downloadable, so you can start enjoying the soundtracks—carefully assembled by some of our most knowledgeable and respected Spinning® instructors—right now. Shop for the best cycling music and take your ride to new heights.

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