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Back from Canada!

canFITpro kicked off the conference with a welcoming ceremony that was like nothing I had ever seen before--live DJ, tons of people and some amazing awards presented. Our own Abbie Appel won Best New Instructor of the Year which was fantastic! When they called her name she was totally shocked and it was rewarding to see her being honored for the great instructor that she is. I also had the privilege to team teach a handful of ''fusion'' sessions with her, Kathryn Coyle, Zoey Trap, Stacey Lei Krauss and Brendan from CrossCore. Talk about a good time... I was just honored to be in the same room as them!!!
I can't say enough about the Spinning participants at CAN FIT. Their energy, enthusiasm and desire to learn really set the tone for each ride making the experience special for me. I'm in the midst of transition right now (moving across the country) and I arrived in Toronto feeling a little ''heavy'' in spirit. However instead of feeling drained or exhausted after each session, I felt uplifted because of how much everyone gave of themselves. The same can be said about those that participated in the Bodyblade and fusion classes as well. Just great people all around.
What else can I say?!? CAN FIT knows how to put on a top-notch conference. Truly everything was excellent from the volunteers, the venue, the audio visual staff and the list goes on. Well done! 




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