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B.A.M Conference in Northern California

There is a multi-million dollar facility in Chico, California that puts on a really great conference every year in February. This year, I have the priviledge of presenting at it, where I will be unvailing the new Bodyblade® workshops as well as an eight hour Bodyblade instructor training. I blogged last year about getting involved with Bodyblade as a master instructor, meeting and working Bruce Hyman, the creator, and how I have been using it as a training tool for myself and my clients. Nearly a year later MDA is launching the program. If you live in Nevada, Oregon or Northern California, this is a great opportunity to be within driving distance of a conference (February 25-27, 2011) that will have top notch presenters from around the country. These are the same presenters that are at IDEA and ECA which can cost thousands of dollars after the flights, hotels, food and registration fees. The Body and Mind Conference is local and much more economical and best yet, the classes are smaller, so you get more attention from the presenters. I will be teaching two Bodyblade® workshops. Saturday morning is Core Like Never Before and Sunday morning is Circuit Work It. Sunday afternoon and evening is an 8 hour instructor training with the Bodyblade®. You can find the instructor training at the MDA website, but the two workshops will be in the BAM conferene brochure which you can get by emailing Lori Pine at: I hope to see some of you there. Please come up and say hello if you have been reading the blogs! Written for by Sabrina Fairchild 2/05/2011



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