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A Time to say Thank You

Today we had the last continuing education (CED) day of the year in Belgium and Luxembourg. Over 20 very motivated instructors from all over both countries came to join the day named Easy Day. It’s all in a name i guess: Race Day Energy Zone™ education followed immediately by Strength EZ™ education;  not exactly what i call four ‘easy hours’considering each 2-hour-education holds a ride in it! But what a morning!

These two educations and types of rides really
make a person bring the best out of her/himself! High intensity, heavy resistance are key ingredients to truly test your motivation, your fitness levels and your mental toughness. Words/ideas/concepts in the likes of Commitment, Perseverence, Clear Goal Setting, the Present Moment, Overcoming adversity and many more, are truly what this is all about.

10.15 AM this morning, these 20 instructors emarked on their Race Day EZ™. They are such a special group of
individuals, and all seem to be(come) part of this one global team Spinning®.

 A couple of years ago i was given the right and privilege to work as a Master Instructor of this amazing Program and never did i believe it could be THIS rewarding to see new instructors embark on their journey of Spinning®.

Finding people who share the same passion for guiding others in their training and personal development is what makes this job so special. Seeing how each instructor coming to the education and continuing education takes this information with her/himself to their facilities with so much motivation is an amazing gift! Thank you Team Belux for being such a wonderful group… You are growing every day on a personal level and as a group. I am honoured and privileged to be a part of it.

Today in particular, Genevieve, Vanessa,
Juliana, Anne-Marie, Laurence, Micha, Paola, Laurence, Myriam, Thierry,
Vincent, Christian, Roland, Peter, Frank, Pierre, Thibault, Mehdi, Christian,
Christophe and Enrico, have Faith in what you do, Race towards your goals, but
remember, Endurance always builds your foundations for succes J! But i know you guys know this already.

To all Spinning® instructors and fans out there, Thank YOU for sharing your road with all of us each day. You are what makes this Program great.

Thank you all…





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