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A job versus a career. Have you made that choice?

Yesterday I took off sick from work as the day before I?d done some traveling and was beat given I didn?t get any sleep all night. But, here?s the clincher?even though I took a sick day from work due to exhaustion, I still made time to get my butt to campus to teach my fitness class. This really spoke to me and made me reflect on what I am doing with my life. While I do like my full time job and would probably miss not having the human contact every day, it made me think about a job versus a vocation/career. The former being the one that pays the bills, versus the latter being the one that gets us out of bed and makes us what to be at work. It made me think about how much I enjoy teaching fitness classes and a part of me wondered about how much I could love doing this full time, and making a career/vocation out of it. I always say that my pipe dream?should I win the lottery?is to move to Hawaii and open a gym?but what are the odds of that happening? And, the realist in me knows that as much as I would love to make fitness my career, I don?t think that I could live on the salary that I would make versus what I make now. But, then comes the question of life satisfaction?though I don?t by any means hate my full time job (quite the contrary on most days), there is something to be said about my dedication to my fitness partners?.so my friends, am wondering if anyone had thought to change careers midlife to follow their passion. How did that work for you? Are you ultimately happier with all the changes you made, even if there were some challenges (and continue to be)? -June



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