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The 5-Step Sprint

Workshop Summary

Sprinting in the Spinning program challenges the body’s ability to attain and recover from high levels of power output. It’s one of the most popular components of a Spinning class, but also the most misunderstood and poorly executed. There are two types of sprints—sprints, and sprints on a hill. Both are Sprints. The difference is the road—either a flat or a hill. Both types of Sprints require strong resistance loads and result in high-end aerobic and anaerobic outputs, however, Sprints on a Hill require even more resistance to simulate the hill, and therefore the cadence will be lower. Both require a combination of seated and standing riding positions, although the timing is different.

Workshop Objectives

  1. Learn the 5 steps for executing Sprints.
  2. Identify a primary objective for each of the 5 steps.
  3. Learn to properly execute Sprints on a Spinner® bike.
  4. Understand the difference between sprints, and sprints on a hill.

Workshop Details

By attending this workshop, you can learn step-by-step techniques for preparing, cueing and executing Sprints with safety and efficiency in mind. You will learn how to coach your riders through flat road Sprints as well as Sprints on a Hill, using true cycling technique and principles for both. Your classes will take on a whole new level of authentic cycling skill.

Continuing Education: 3.0 SPIN® CECs > 1.5 AFAA CEUs > .2 ACE CECs>

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