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Want help finding a Spinning® class? Have a question about your Spinner® bike? Need assistance logging into your account? Whatever it is, and wherever you are, we are here to help.

U.S. & Canada Customer Service

Monday - Friday, 7a.m. - 4 p.m. PST

Phone: (1) 800.847.SPIN (7746)

E-mail: [email protected]


Please see below for the contact information for your area.

Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc.
2111 Narcissus Court
Venice, CA 90291
Phone: (1) 800.847.SPIN (7746) or 310.823.7008
Fax: 310.823.7408
[email protected]
Mad Dogg Athletics Europe
Industrieweg 20A
3144 CH Maassluis
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)10 5904508
Fax: +31 (0)10 5900054
[email protected]
Mad Dogg Athletics Italia Srl - FISPIN
Via G. Ferraris 12 - 56121
Pisa, Italy
Phone: +39 050 31 45 443
Fax: +050 39 31 63 819
[email protected]

For more information on Spinning education or to host a training, contact your local education representative at [email protected]

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