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Just processing the 3 fun and fabulous days that just flew by at World IDEA 2012 ... hard to believe I am now home and back in my office! Even though I have been an IDEA member for several years, this was my first conference with them and I cannot stress enough how fortunate I feel to have been sent to represent Spinning(R) and MDA. The IDEA staff was super attentive, our sound & AV men were fabulous and check up on us frequently and the room sounded amazing! The venue was truly beautiful and very spacious and the amount of sessions provided were very numerous. I selfishly wish I had had the opportunity to sneak in the back of a few sessions ... there are some dynamic presenters out there! I saw my mentor and guru Petra Kolber and with her the upcoming new faces of the industry. So much happened in 3 days that went by in the blink of an eye.


The attendees that energetically came to the Spinning(R) sessions were really the biggest highlight of the convention. They could not have been nicer or more engaged in what the Spinning(R) program had to offer and rode with a smile on their face the entire time (hard to do in the 5-step sprint!). I feel as though I met some very special people - from my friend from Bolivia who is getting back in to teaching at the age of 69 to the cancer survivor who does not even teach - she just comes to IDEA to be inspired! All of you in the room gave so much and prove that the student is our best teacher. Thank you for all you gave to me and I am sure to Nadine too - we feel so fortunate to have been with you this weekend.

I hope to see some of your faces at WSSC in June of 2013 - let's keep Spinning(R)!

Thanks MDA for all your support!




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