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In the Presence of Greatness

There have only been a few times in my life where I have felt I was in the presence of greatness. I am reminded of that as I watch Michael Jackson's movie, "This Is It." I saw it twice in the theater when it was released and my hubby recorded it using our DVR, so we are watching it right now. Have you ever had times when someone brought tears to your eyes just with a few words? Michael's movie provides that experience within the first few moments. It opens with interviews from his principle dancers and they express in a sentence or two how Michael inspired them to dance and do something with their lives that was well beyond the ordinary. This alone made my eyes water, especially because I can relate to their experience of finding someone and something that opened up a pathway for extraordinary experiences. I remember my first World Sports and Spinning Conference (WSSC) back in 19 99 and how inspired I was to be in the presence of Johnny G, the creator of our program. I was already working for him and had gone through presenter camp at the beginning of 1998. But it really was different at a conference to see how he responded to the 100's of attendees during the large group Friday night ride when there was 200 bikes in one room, the 26 of us who were his initial team of presenters and a group of African drummers providing incredible rhythms to ride to. In my life I had never experienced anything like that. Johnny was on the bike, then he was in the crowd and then he was inviting us to dance with his drummers. He would focus on one person and say something in that person's ear, that was just for that person to hear. Johnny knew how to infect people with his passion and help them ignite their own flames to burn higher and brighter knowing that each person would return to his or her home and positively affect others. Becoming a Spinning instructor back in 1997 inspired me to get a masters degree in Physical Education, become a presenter for Johnny G and devote my life to promoting health and fitness in every way possible. I have traveled to most states in our union as well as some foreign countries to educate instructors, I get to write blogs, articles, workshops and book excerpts all because of that flame that Johnny poured fuel on more than a decade ago. I will always be grateful for the time I spent in his presence. Written by master instructor Sabrina Fairchild for blog site on Saturday May 14, 2011



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