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Fashion Police

I dig fashion. My own that is. I was lifting before class this morning in my Converse All Stars (they are the best for lifting, no running shoes to lift in, ever, that's a later blog). I had my cap on backwards, my Gumby t shirt and was just chilled. Then my SPINNING class started coming in the gym. One after another...I noticed how fashion (un) conscious they were. I think some of them actually cared what they had on and some didn't. It was cool. SPINNING is cool that way. Have you noticed how people stroll in wearing stuff that is all over the board? It tells you a lot about them. Some people stroll in with this massive bag the size of a Scion and you wonder if they have three weeks of provisions in there. Others come in with their "cover-ups." I like these. Some guys come in with shorts over their shorts. Some guys come in with no shorts over their cycling shorts (not always a good thing). Some ladies have cover-ups that range everywhere from a moo-moo to a tennis skirt to sweat pants to things that look like pajamas. Then there is backpack rider. They come in ready for trekking through Nepal. Do you really need carabiners to ride? Mr./Mrs. I Am A Cyclist person just prances in with shoes in hand, light gear and game face. Then I got into teach my class this morning and saw all the different riding fashion. Shoes of all brands, shorts, jerseys, t shirts, running singlets and even a sick mixture of tights and not so tights. When you factor in water bottles of all sizes (really folks, 207 ounces of water is a bit too much) and it makes it a spectacle. But at the end of the day, it is SPINNING. We all do one thing together. I don't care how you look, I just want you to ride and have fun. But take a look around and take note of the fashion do's and don'ts. Where is Michelle from Mad Dogg?! She will set us all straight!



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