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Dating and working out...can it be done if your new partner isn't a gym fiend like you?

Hi Folks--while this blog is not going to be specifically about how we IMPROVE our fitness I think it's a topic relevant to those of you who might be single out there.

A friend of mine and I are both single and as we often talk about dating, we think about qualities that we would like to see in a partner. And in essence while there are those things we consider--personality, attraction, likes/dislikes, one thing is critical for the both of us--any potential partner must also have regular gym and fitness habits.

For me personally, I tend to get overwhelmed in relationships, and in this way, if a partner doesn't regularly go to the gym, I fear that I'd lose myself and begin to "bail" on working out just so I can spend more time with the new person in my life. It has happened before and I would like to think that with age I have learned a little more, but that's not always the case.

Because working out is so important and personal to me anyhow, finding a partner who feels the same would only lend itself to common interests. While I do know that ultimately I would be in control of my workout habits and not going because I have a "date" would merely be an excuse, I recognize I'm prone to this type of behavior and would thus rather just make smarter dating choices overall given the importance of working out regularly.

Those of you out there, would you be willing to share on partners who differ in such areas of interests? How do you reconcile those differences?




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