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AC what?

I have heard so much about torn ACLs these days?having known many folks who have had to have it repaired?that I thought I should research it a bit and think about preventative measures as a means of trying to avoid this type of injury. So, this post will talk briefly about the ACL?the anterior cruciate ligament. I learned that there are four ligaments connecting the bones of the knee joint and this is one of the most important ones (recall a LONG time ago I defined ligaments as tissues that connect bones/cartilage to one another). The ACL works to stabilize the knee preventing excessive movement and limits knee rotation to prevent injury. Tears result from actions that overstretch this ligament and things to keep in mind when trying to be proactive about preventing ACL injury include caution when suddenly stopping/twisting the knee. The ACL is a major ligament of importance s it provides almost 90% of knee joint stability (wow, didn?t realize ONE ligament could operate and be responsible for such a large charge?) and reconstruction of the ACL accounts for over 50,000 hospital admits each year (doesn?t seem like a HUGE number, but seems like I know a large percentage of folks who?ve had this procedure done). Thankfully, though a common-ish injury, it?s an operation that can be highly successful, and 90-95% of folks who have ACL surgery are able to return to full level of life/athletic participation beforehand. -June



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