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"I Know Everything I Need to Know About Dieting"

very large man, well, frankly, obese, was standing outside our studio reading a notice on the door explaining the Spinning® 8 Week Weight Loss Program. As I walked by he said to me ?I know everything I need to know about dieting.? You know what? He probably does. But, is he doing what he knows is best for him? Is he thinking of DIET as a four-letter word, a punishing, restrictive way to starve himself into submission in order to lose unwanted body fat? There is no doubt that this man needs to lose pounds, inches, and probably, literally, globs of unnecessarily stored body fat. He also needs to lose the negativity that surrounds the concept. Yes, he most likely can reel off nutritional information that is both current and correct. Go online, pick up a magazine or the Sunday paper, talk with a friend, check a food label. All the nutritional information we could ever need is out there for the finding. For any one of us who struggle to lose weight, gain weight (yes, the same principles apply), fuel performance or simply maintain a healthy body composition, there is a need to stand up to the task at hand. Give the job of managing our health the honor and attention due. Then go about DOING it. One of the great things about the 8WWL program is that the information is there right in front of us and carefully organized so that we can use it effectively. The group environment allows us each to share what works or doesn?t work for us, gives us incentive and accountability, and creates friendships. While each of us my ?know all that we need to know about dieting,? do we each know precisely what we need to know about healthy habits? Perhaps just a slight change in course, a new focus, and new friends along the way, will help us to finally embrace a lifestyle that will support optimal strength, energy and health while allowing us to look at our dreams as present possibilities. KNOWING what we need to do is not enough. DOING it is a start. LIVING it --- well, now we?re talking! Blog posted by Linda Freeman for www.spinning.com 2-19-2011



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